How To Make A Chatterbox

How To Make A Chatterbox:

It is one of my favorite games. It is an easy and classic paper game you can create for kids at the home. You do not need a playground for this. Become a more creative person and fill your favorite colors in it. Then imaging the fortune of other people. You can fill it with some fun activities to do. Also, use it for exciting adventures. Here I will tell you how to make a chatterbox. When you will lay it will bring back your memories.

How To Make A Chatterbox

Here I will tell you the whole process step by step.


  • You will use square origami paper. Also, use regular A4 paper.
  • Now cut it to a size. Then just fold simply the right-hand corner into the lineup with the top edge.
  • Trim all the excess paper and then open up the square. Your first step of folding paper is done. If you have square paper and you are starting folding then fold your paper in half like point to point tip.
  • Then again fold half. Fold it point tip to point tip.
  • Now fold from the first corner and fold it into the center.
  • Now again do the same thing in a second.
  • Then same for fourth.
  • Also same for the fifth.
  • It’s time to turn it over.
  • Now put the first position in the center again and fold it.
  • Do the same thing with the second point.
  • Same with the third point.
  • Same with the fourth point.
  • Also, fold its half to help assist in opening the chatterbox.
  • Put with ease your four fingers into four openings and open it out.
  • This is important that middle fingers flip open section stay inside.


The best thing about chatterbox is that can make it according to yourself. You can play birthday party games, some school holiday activities, or family nights. These are three levels to write.


The top should be colorful and fun. Name the colors, animals, or anything really.


You can write names, numbers or draw some pictures.


Write an action on opening.

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