How To Make A Book In Minecraft

How To Make A Book In Minecraft:

It is not difficult to make a book in Minecraft. But it is difficult to search for the ingredients for a book. keep in mind that material is very important. Once you have material it will easy to make a book in Minecraft. You can set up your own farm and you can acquire paper and leather easily. Also, making a book will be easy. Here I will tell you to step by step that how to make a book in Minecraft.

How To Make A Book In Minecraft

Sugar cane:

Suger can is an important material for making books. It is a green reed. Also, it grows near water bodies. You will find it near lakes. It will easily available if you find it on coastlines. You can break it by hand or use a tool. Also, search them near warm biomes. Because they are not available with frozen water.


There is an easy solution for sugar canes. Because it could difficult to find. So, you can make your own farm. When you will place a piece of sugarcane on the ground. It will make a plant. There are some steps you can follow to grow tall.

  • Plant it on dirt. You can plant it on sand or podzol.
  • Adjacent a water block to the ground at least once.


It is time to turning cane into paper. We will fill a row of a crafting table with sugar canes. It will make a sheet. the sheet will like paper. that will be easy to make paper and then book.


Leather is an important material to make a book. It is as important as paper. For leather, we will find some cows. the cow is easy to find. When we kill them it will give two units of leather. We only need one piece for the book. Rabbits are also a source of lather. Their hides are used as leather. Fishing is also a source of leather. Wheat gives you a steady leather. It helps to lure cows into an enclosure.


It is time to combine leather and paper. First, we will place leather into a square. Then paper into three squares. You can put them everywhere in the crafting area. Then it will make books.

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