How To Make A Bird Table

How To Make A Bird Table: A bird table is a good way to attract birds to your garden. You can also feed them on the bird table. It is not difficult to make a bird table. The tabletop and its base are constructed separately. Then people combine it. Here I will tell you how to make a bird table.

How To Make A Bird Table

The tabletop:

I will tell you in different steps.

  • In the first step, we will trim a 1.3 cm thick piece of wood. You can choose your size according to yours. Take a measuring tape to mark the size of the tabletop. After this cut the excess wood with a handsaw. Now it is in the right size we want. 12 to 18 inches is a good size for tabletop. You can use a large sheet of wood as a tabletop.
  • The wood you will use for the bird table should be weather-treated.
  • Now cut the pieces of wood in 1 inch. It will use to make trim for the table. Cut the four pieces of wood.  Also, If you want to that rainwater comes in bird table. Then tri pieces shorter than tabletop.
  • Trim the pieces according to the size of the table. A table of 12 to 18 inches two pieces of trim 10 inches will need. Other two with 16 inches long.
  • Now we will connect the trim wood to the middle of the edges of the tabletop. Use glue to join them. Measuring tape will help you to mark the middle of each edge of the tabletop and piece of trim wood. Put the glue on the edges of the tabletop and put trim wood on them. You can use it to hold the woods until they woods dry.
  • It is time to crew the trim wood to its place. Because glue is not long-lasting so the screw will be better. Take wood screws of 3.8 cm and drill them to the bottom of the tabletop into pieces of trim. Put three into one piece of trim wood.


Now I will tell you step by step that how can you build the base of the bird table.

  •  For this purpose, we will cut two pieces of wood 2 by 4 according to the length of the tabletop. The wide base is important so birds can stand properly. So measure the largest dimensions f wood according to the size of the tabletop.
  • Now it is important to remove a 2.5 by10.2 cm notch from the centerpiece of wood. A measuring tape will help you to find the middle of both pieces. Use a hand or circular saw to cut a notch into two pieces of wood. Make a 10 cm wide notch that goes halfway through each piece.
  • Now make a cross by connecting both pieces of wood. One-piece put upside down and rotate 90 degrees so t5hat notches matchup. You can use a wooden mallet to knock them each other. It will make a bottom where the bird table can sit easily.
  • Now we will make the post that will connect the base to the tabletop. For this, we will trim a 5.1 by 5.1cm. After this cut it to 3 feet and cut it as flat as possible.
  • Now drill a pilot hole in the center of the base and post. Use tape to find the middle mark of the cross pieces and post. And screw the base and post together.
  • Now cut pieces of 30cm of 2 by 2 in woods. That will keep the post connected to the base. Use, measuring tapes to mark the 8 lengths. Now cut the 45-degree angle to each wooden piece. After this using glue to glue them and screw to connect them with the base and post.
  • Assembling:

Now we will assemble the whole bird table.

  • First, we will drill pilot holes through the post and tabletop. Measuring tape uses to find the center of both. You will 0.24 cm drill bit to drill through them.
  • In the next process, we will glue and screw the both tabletop and post to connect them.
  • Then use sandpaper to clean the whole bird table.
  • Paint it of any color you want.

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