How To Lace Jordan 1

How To Lace Jordan 1:

There is debate around the community about the best way to lace Jordan 1 sneakers. Jordan 1 has 8 eyelets and it is a large sneaker. If you want to complete all the lacing styles then I will recommend you use 72″, flat laces. Because it ensures you can lace your sneakers all the way up to top eyelets. so before going to the next process you should make sure that you have got the right shoelaces. Here I will tell you how to lace Jordan 1.

How To Lace Jordan 1


Here I will tell you to step by step.

Style 1:

Here I will tell you about the first style which is tighter, halfway laced with no tie. Many skaters style their laces this way. It is very simple to set it up once you complete the crossover to the 5th eyelet.

  • On the tongue run your laces across the body and underneath the lace holder.
  • Now take the lace tips and tuck them inside the shoe.
  • Then knot them inside the shoe.

Now you will get your shoes in these laces style.

Style 2:

This is the second style which is tight halfway laced with laces tied. If you want to tie your laces on the outside of the shoe this style is for you.

  • Now you will take your laces across up and out of the 6th eyelid. Strat it from the top of the sneakers the top eyelid will be the first.
  • Then you will tie the laces you want to tie.
  • Here is your style for the laces.

Style 3:

Here Is the third style for you which is tied all the way laced with laces tied. If you want to use the sneaker for playing especially basketball then you will follow this method.

  • Do the crossover all the way to the top of the sneaker. Strat it from the top eyelid.
  • There will be leftover laces which will be enough to tie into a small bow or loos know.
  • Here is another style for the Jordan 1.

Style 4:

Here is the fourth style of laces for Jordan 1 sneakers which is loose, all the way laced with not tied.

  • Tied it all the way to top and leave the laces.
  • Throughout the body of sneakers loosen the laces.
  • From the top eyelets leave only tips of the laces and one inch of laces from it.
  • Then throughout the sneaker loosen the laces.

Style 5:

Here is the fifth and last style of tie laces of your Jordan 1 sneakers. This is also the most popular way of lacing in Jordan 1 sneakers. So here is the method and use 63, one instead of  72.

  • Loosen the laces throughout the sneakers .
  • You just untie the top two eyelets.
  • Through the 6th eyelets, the top tips of laces will hand down.

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