How To Install Quarter Round

Quarter round is a type of shoe molding. It gives great look to rooms by covering gaps between the floor and baseboards. You can form a stylish border by painting or staining around any room. Here I will tell you how to install quarter round.

How To Install Quarter Round

Measuring and buying:

Here I will tell you to step by step

Measure wall space:

You need to measure the room before molding. Different rooms have different lengths. So first measure it before installing. Note the length of each wall and draw its outline on the paper. Also, measure along the bottom of the wall. Also, choose the molding material which matches with floor or the baseboards.


Now you will buy bare wood quarter round and then match it with the floor. If you want to buy prime quarter round which will be flat white after that you can paint it with semi-gloss paint to match the baseboard. Use nail paint or chalk to cover.

Pint the molding:

It has an advantage over staining it. You can also fill the cracks between it and the wall. Use chalk or paint chalk to fill. Some molding is made up of plastic. But white moldings are prone to shattering during installation.

Long pieces:

It comes in pieces from 6 to 12 feet. Use the signal piece to mount the wall. There will be no joints more and you can change when humidity comes.


Here I will tell you to step by step.

Safety gear:

You have to saw the molding to fit perfectly. Use earplugs while operating the saw. Also, use a dust mask for this purpose. Also, googles and facemask to protect you from any shards that break from the quarter round.

Mister saw:

Set this saw at the angle of 45 degrees. Also set this saw on a stable surface. Rotate it 45 to make it left or right side of its base. Cutting at the opposite side of 45 degrees will make it fit together as a corner of the picture frame. Also, use this type of cut from corner joints when they meet the wall. Cut the end of two different molding pieces at 45 degrees both.

Longer molding to fit the walls:

Some rooms are not perfectly rectangular. So you will cut the molding into smaller pieces to fit around the shorter walls. Again check the wall measurements and cut according to the size of the walls. Use a pencil to create the guidelines on the walls.


Here I will tell you to step by step.

Mark spots:

Mark spots for nails in 30 cm along with the quarter round. Start from the corner and measure along the wall with each piece of molding. Use a pencil to make the marks around the middle of each quarter-round. It is a little difficult but it will ensure the quarter rounds fit properly.


Drill the holes on every spot and drive and nail using the hammer. It will help you to guide them accurately at the angle you want to choose. Us the drill which is a little smaller.


3.8 cm finishing nails are better to use. Press the molding downward with a hammer on the floor everywhere. If it is important to bed it you can.

Caulk gun:

If you have a caulk gun. Use it to fill the gaps around the quarter rounds. Use adhesive caulking. Then press the caulk with your fingers. This is the procedure of how to install a quarter round.

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