How To Install Lspdfr

How To Install Lspdfr:

So you just get your grand theft auto on pc and you want to install Lspdfr. Because you want to know how to play police officer using Lspdfr. This is what I will show you today. I will tell you how to install Lspdfr.

How To Install Lspdfr


First, you will go to Microsoft Edge and will look up a website name Lcpdfr.Com. This will guide you to the lspdfr website. Then you will click on get lspdfr for GTA 5. Here you can install the latest version of this mod. It updates from time to time so don’t worry you will get the latest version. There will also be mention that you have a clean copy of GTA 5 . You will not have any other mod or plugin. Because if you will do something wrong it will corrupt your game. You will these instructions very well. You will go to your main directory and copy your game files into separate folders. It can take a lot of your storage space. You can put it back when work is done.


Now you will click on the download this file. After this, you will go all the way to the bottom. When you will click on the bottom and after click agrees and download. Y7ou will go the setup exe. Youn will just need an Exe file for this. I will start installing. Downloading will not take a long time. It is time to click on the open file. There you will wait until setup is loading. Select your language and it will welcome the lspdfr first response. Install wizard and read the agreement. then it will give the option to uninstall the previous. Click on that option. After you will click next to put into the main directory.

Main directory:

When you will get your file in the main directory. Click on the install button and it will install all of your files. Click on finish and it is download now. So here you can do your setup and play your mood.

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