How To Install Dewalt Trimmer Line

How To Install Dewalt Trimmer Line:

This tool is best for cutting weeds and grass in gardens. The Trimmer line and trimmer string are special for it. It is very useful for edging next to the pavement and also reaches that place where the mower is unable to reach. These are very quick and easy ways to tidy garden beds, grass, or trim weeds. It is also helpful to create an extract finish along with the drives and paths. It is very fast in the continuous or regular mood when you are cutting thick or tough weeds. Here I will tell you how to install the Dewalt trimmer line.

How To Install Dewalt Trimmer Line

When this line hit the hard surface. Some time its breaks and becomes brittle. So if it breaks you need a replacement.

How to install:

The line of Dewalt trimmer can have counterattack impacts and it is flexible. It has great cutting efficiency and also great quality and durability which ensure it can be used for a long period. So if it’s breaking you need to replace it. You need to check the trimmer in the winter season before use. Because it turns brittle. You will not get any type of injury when you pull your head away from the unit.


Remove battery:

Most important point Is to remove the battery from the unit.

Indicator knob:

You need to identify the indicator knob in white. Now you will turn it clockwise and push it down to unlock it. You need to keep it unlock so this indicator knob should away from the spool window.

Spool cap:

Make its position unlock to pull the spool cap out. Now you can remove it straightly and easily.

Old trimmer line:

If your trimmer line exists then remove it and clean it. If you do not have a trimmer line you can install a new one. When you get the new trimmer lines check it and cut 20 feet which is enough for a trimmer.


When you’re cutting the trimmer line. Place the cut pieces in jamming holes. As per the direction on the spool when it begins winding. Then checks its winding direction and do it.

Wind neatly:

Wind should be in the right direction to stay in line. Also do not overlap the lines. When it is 40 inches at the end ensure to stop winding. Push all the remaining in the spot holding spot at one point. Repeat this process and pass the trimmer line through holes on each side into spool housing.

Push the cap:

You will push the caop down as the feeding lines are on each side. Putt the trimmer in a way that spool caps fit in place. Also, lock the hite indicator as it is. After following efforts for the trimmer line. Then turn it on to ensure that it runs smoothly. If it is installed wrong then do this process again. Rewind the all lines again.

Things you need:

  • A brush.
  • trimmer line
  • Scissors

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