How To Increase Girth Size Fast

How To Increase Girth Size Fast:

Every man has a concern about increasing the girth size of their penis. People define the penis as masculinity throughout history, length, girth. Also, its function become an issue for most men. Ancient greeks in 200 B.C., Belive that a smaller penis was superior as you can see in their paintings and some writings. This belief has changed due to various sex revolutions over time. Most of the population of men thinks and consider that a larger penis is better for them. Here I will tell you how to increase girth size fast.

How To Increase Girth Size Fast

Penis sizes:

Penis size always focuses on its length and also grith or width whereas an average penis size when flaccid is 9.31cm or 3.7. inch. The average erect circumference of the penis is 11.66cm or 4.6 inches. Variation also becomes a problem for men who have bigger girth sizes than others.

Here I will tell you 5 ways to increase the girth of the penis.


In this procedure, you will tie off the erect penis so that you can prevent blood from going back to the body. When it is erect do this from the base. This will swell up the cells and tissues more than usual. It happens when you keep escaping your penis from the blood. The tissue of the penis will expand and for accommodating a high threshold. It will increase the girth size of the penis. Use a cable clamp or protective wrap to tie around the base of your penis. Start this process from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.


You will use your hands in this process to do a similar job to that of clamping exercise. For this process your thumb and index finger and make an O shape. After making an O shape put this to the base of your schlong and also squeeze to keep blood at the tip from your body. It will help you to expand the tissues around your penis and also will increase penile girth over time.


You can increase your girth size using a penis pump to create a vacuum around the shaft. Tissues will swell up when you pump out the air from the penis. It will increase the penile girth by causing a negative pressure to enhance blood flow.


In this process, you will use your hand to increase the girth. Just like jelqing this exercise also focuses on tissue massage. But you will do this procedure consistently to see proper results. You can use some devices in this process for stretching. You can also use a penis pump.

Girth surgery:

You can also increase your girth size by surgery. In this process, they insert fat from another part of the body into the shaft. But fat should be pure and intact.

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