How To Grow Garlic

How To Grow Garlic:

You can use garlic in many ways. You can use it to enhance dish flavor or want to grow a plant just for fun. There are different methods to grow garlic. You can grow them indoors or in water or outdoor. But you have to struggle and a lot of confusion. But I will solve all your problems. Here I will tell you how to grow garlic.

How To Grow Garlic

Prepare to grow garlic:

Here I will tell you to step by step.

Garlic plant in your region:

early spring or mid-autumn Is the best time to grow garlic. But you can grow garlic in a wide range of climates. Garlic does not grow well In high heat are or humidity. Also less grow in areas with heavy rainfall.

Spot and soil for plantation:

Sun is very important for garlic plants. It can also tolerate partial shade but not for a long time in a whole day. Dig well the soil and crumble it. Also, you can use sandy loam which is best. You need a soil test before adding nutrition to the soil. You should know about what is in the soil. So call your local country extension office for a soil sample kit. Compost and manure are important to add nutrition to the soil.

Fresh garlic:

Plant cloves for fresh garlic. For this buy a clove of garlic which is fresh. Buy it from a store or farm. Its bubble should be fresh and of high quality. Use garlic with large cloves because each glove will be garlic. If you have sprouted garlic at home. It will be better. You also find bubbles garlic from nurseries.

Plant the garlic:

I will tell you to step by step

Break the cloves:

When you break the cloves do not damage them at their bases. This is an area where they attach with garlic plate. Garlic will not grow if the plate is damage. Also plants large cloves. Because they will produce large bulbs.

Clove into the soil:

Plant the cloves about 2 inches down with tips upward. Also, give them space of 8 inches for best-growing conditions. You can cover the planted cloves with mulch, hay dry leaves, or straws.


Now fertilize the cloves with compost. Fertilization is very important for garlic. Then again in spring fertilize it again.

Care for plants:

Here I will tell you to step by step

Water the plant:

Water is very important for garlic plants. Newly plants should moist so a lot of water will need to grow garlic. If you overdo the water garlic will not grow well. If there is no rain in a week then water deeply in roots. D don’t wet the soil because garlic hates it. When you see the season is warm reduce the water. Because it’s needs hot, dry weather a lot.


Insects, mice, and some other creates love garlic. So use pesticides to avoid them.


Here I will tell you to step by step

Eat scapes:

When plants of garlic will grow long green stalks will grow. You can eat them. The Young part is the best part to eat.

When you feel individual cloves in the bubble. It means garlic is ready for harvesting.

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