How To Gleek

How To Gleek:

It is an act of shooting saliva out under the tongue from the mouth. You may have seen a lot of viral videos on TikTok or you gleek accidentally while yawning or flicking your tongue. It is easy to teach yourself how to gleek on command by gathering enough saliva flicking your tongue along the roof of your mouth. You can also do this by jutting your jaw out. Here I will tell you how to gleek.

How To Gleek

On command:

Here I will tell you to step by step.


Rub your tongue:

To get the saliva going rub your tongue against the roof of your mouth. For gleeking, you need the pressure to trigger the salivary glands beneath your tongue. It is not difficult to gleek on command if you active your glands and get them to start producing spit before you start. Yawning is also an important method to produce saliva.

Push your tongue:

You will push your tongue against the roof of your mouth towards the back. It helps you to put pressure on your salivary glands under your tongue. You will tighten your tongue muscle. Now push your tongue upward. The tongue will stiffen as you will flix it.

Slide your tongue:

Now you will slide your tongue from the back of your mouth to the front of the mouth. Move it quickly as it hit the area of your upper teeth and the roof of your mouth. As quickly you will do this saliva will come out. Also, push your bottom jaw as you will push your tongue towards the front of the mouth. Keep your tongue on the roof and keep it locked when you will do this process.

Gleeking easier:

Here I will tell you to step by step.

Sour candy:

In this process, you will eat sour candy to trigger the salivary glands. Because sour candies stimulate the salivary glands and also produce enough saliva to your gleek. When you will suck a sour candy for a few seconds you will get plenty of slaiva.


You can also drink some water to Moisturize your mouth. Water is a good way to stimulate the salivary glands to produce saliva. It is also good for your health if you want to saliva drink some water.


You can also get saliva by chewing on the tip of your tongue to stay dry. If you will do this process if eating something then you will get a tingly sensation in the bottom of the jaw. This saliva needs to be gleek properly. If you will chew a little bit on your tongue it will give you saliva fast.

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