How To Get Wool In Minecraft Easily

How To Get Wool In Minecraft Easily:

Wool is important to make blocks in the game of Minecraft. You can find wool in different six colors and can craft things. You can get banners, beds, carpets, and painting by crafting wool. Players can also get fuel in the furnace by wool in java edition. White wool is important to craft the bed. You can get it by killing sheep. Also, you can regrow the wool of sheep when they will eat grass. Here I will tell you how to get wool in Minecraft easily.

How To Get Wool In Minecraft Easily

Method 1:

In this method, we will get wool by making farms in Minecraft.

Finding an area:

It is important to find an area in Minecraft for wool. Because it needs an open area for farming wool. We also need a clear area for working. it is also important to light up the area by torch or other light sources to prevent mobs.


There are resources we will need to build a farm.

  • sheepX4
  • building blockX64
  • glass blockx64
  • red stone dust X 4
  • dispenserX4
  • observerX4
  • regular railX8
  • powered railX2
  • Redstone trochX2
  • hopperX10
  • chestX2

These are things you will need.

Start to build the farm:

Now we will start to build this farm. First, we will dig out the area which is ten blocks longs and two blocks deep. In the middle, it should be medium size. Now it is time to place the chest. It will store the wool which we will get from the farm. The next thing we will place is the hopper. We will connect its middle to the chest and the other will flow in middle. It is time to place the power rail. place it to both ends of the hopper and connect another rail to it. For powering the power rail we will place Redstone torches. It is also the place where will put hopper minecart. In the forwarding, the step covers the rail with grass and puts an observer there. It should be green because it helps sheep to regrow their wool.

Now we will place a block behind the observer and put a Redstone dust on top. The place of the dispenser will on top of the observer. It will face the front of the farm. Stock the dispensers with shear. Place a glassy cage to look at the sheep. It is an important and final step. For this put sheep in the cages. You can change their color by using dye. This will help you to look at the farm in a specific color. These sheep will be sheared when they will eat grass. You can pick their wool by hopper minecart. Then you can place it in the chest.

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