How To Get To Tol Dagor

How To Get To Tol Dagor:

This is a location in the world of the warcraft game. It is a dungeon entrance located in tirade sound. Its level range for normal is 110 to 120 dungeon. We found this instance in the battle for Azeroth expansion. This dungeon has four bosses. Its end boss of Tol Dagor is overseer korgus. We can play this on a normal heroic and mythic level. It is a prison island on the east coast of the tirade sound. The location has a nod to the infamous Alcatraz. It is on the off coast of San Fransisco. Here I will tell you how to get to Tol Dagor.

How To Get To Tol Dagor


Tol of Dagor is a prison in the tirade sound. It was said unescapable prison on the map until trying it. There are many times been a nod toward the prison.  It will not appear in triggered sound but it can appear on continent.

List of bosses:

It has four bosses

  • It has a sand queen
  • Knight captain Valeri
  • It has jes howlis
  • Overseer korgus

How to get:

It is an important location in the very popular online game. We call it World of Warcraft. There is a dungeon located in eastern Tiragarde Sound. The area is related to the scandalous Alcatraz jail off the shore of San Francisco in the United States. The jail was should be unescapable until obviously, prisoners attempted.  Also, It is not the only occasion when that there’s been a gesture towards the jail. It was in Burning Crusade and also the Arcatraz prison.


As I told you there are four bosses

The sand queen:

Sand queen is a monster that lives in the sand. It encompasses the jail. No one can ever depart an endeavor. this monster finds disposal of garments and bones.

Jes howlis:

It is an unusual privateer of questionable steadfastness, Jes Howlis was looking close by his sibling and ran away. More often to being delivered in a jail revolt. It has since taken over as the accepted head of the posse. It also controls the jail’s lower levels.

Knight captain Valeri:

This captain regulates the hazardous weapons inside Ashvane’s arsenal. Due to her subordinates, her fixation ablaze regularly makes perilous working conditions.

Overseer Korgus;

It is the warden of tol dagor. This boss keeps the jail powerful. It is also the administrator of the jail.

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