How To Get Shorter

How To Get Shorter:

You can not change your height physically. There are certain things that if you are tall you can look shorter. You can look sorter by changing your dressing style, hairstyle, and also your interaction with people. But the most important thing is you should be confident about who you are and about your looks. Here I will tell you how to get shorter.

How To Get Shorter


Here I will tell you to step by step to look shorter.

Using clothes:

You can break up your body with multiple layers and colors. Breakup your body into multiple sections to emphasize your length. Long garments will help you in this process. Colors also can help you in this process.

  • Wearing a pink top and pair of jeans with white shoes also put the belt to add another layer. This thing will help you to seem shorter.
  • Rolling up your pants or cuffed pants from the bottom can see you shorter. Use pants with sewing cuff pants from the bottom or roll them from the bottom.
  • Horizontal stripes on your shirts and multiple colors can help you to look shorter. Brighter colors of your shirt and strips will gather attention rather than your pants or legs. Skirts or pants which are different colors from your shirt will break up your appearance.
  • Always use a wide belt when you are wearing a long dress. It will encourage you will forget who tall you are. The belt divides you and breaks down your body. Also us Capri short shirts and for men use long shorts to avoid the length of your legs.

Using shoes:

Always choose shoes that cover most of the skin of your leg and cover your part of the foot. Use oxford boots or pair of mules. Flat shoes are a common choice for tall people. Flat shoes or sneakers with a little amount of padding do not increase your height and you can pair them with skinny jeans.

If you want to wear heels that will obviously increase your height. Then use heels with a strap around the ankles. Also, wear heels with round toes that will feel you smaller. Pair your boots that cover your knee with skirts in an awesome fashion. Because these shoes distinguish between top and bottom of your leg and seem smaller. Men can also use shapes with patterns because they shorten the appearance of feet and height.

Using hairstyles:

Hir style also affects the appearance of your height so make style with long hairs and make them in layers. Overall, it will help you to seem smaller. Make natural types of waves in your hair. D not cut your long hairs and create layers without cutting them. Avoid hairs will more volume on the top of the head.

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