How To Get Player Heads In Minecraft

How To Get Player Heads In Minecraft:

Head is a decorative block in Minecraft. 1.4 update of Minecraft adds this feature. Heads are decorative blocks but they also have a practical purpose in single-player Minecraft. These players’ heads are utilized by Minecraft servers within several server-side plugins. You can obtain six types of heads from Minecraft. These are zombie, skeleton, wither skeleton, creeper, and dragon. Also, you do not need any special tool to break them. When you will destroy heads it will successfully drop. Here I will tell you how to get player heads in Minecraft.

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How To Get Player Heads In Minecraft

Getting player head:

Here I will tell you to step by step.

  • For the newest version of Minecraft, you will simply use the command/ give @p Minecraft: player _head{skullowner: player name here. But for the older version, you need different commands. Here you will use a command block.
  • First, type the command/ give<your username> Minecraft:command_block
  •  In the second step, we will place down the command block also console the command sections then type this command:/give@p Minecraft:skull1 3{skullowner: username}
  • When we will press this now will need to add something to the command block when we will power it. There we will use a button for simplicity
  • When you will press the button you will get your head of the username you entered.

Use of creeper head:

Here I will tell you to step by step

  • Heads are decorative and unique blocks in  Minecraft.
  • These are smaller than the normal blocks and you can apply any custom texture there.
  • When you will wear the creeper head then the range of creeper can detect you from reduced by 50%.
  • The same principle applies to zombies.
  • The same principle applies to skeletons.
  • Players also can wear certain heads of mobs to deter specific mobs detection range. This makes it easier to form and fight.

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