How To Find Mac Address On Iphone

In this article, we discuss how to find mac address on your iPhone. The most important question is arises here why we need mac address?  If you have a network that is wireless. and mac filtration is enabled by someone. then you need your phone mac address to connect with this network.

What Is Mac Address?

Mac address stands for “Media Access Control” address. Mac address is a hardware identification number that describes your device to the network provider. Millions of devices are available in the market and every device has a unique mac address.

If you have enabled the mac restriction in the modem. then you can enter your device’s mac address into the modem setting in order to allow your iPhone to connect with that modem.

How To Find Mac Address On Your iPhone:

How To Find Mac Address On Iphone

In order to find mac address of your iPhone, you can follow these steps very carefully.

The first step is to unlock your iPhone.

second step is to find a setting in menus.

third step is to find in your iPhone setting “General”

Fourth step is to find in the general About section.

Last Step is to scroll your setting below and find mac address of your device.

After Successfully find the mac address of your device. Very Carefully enter the address into the modem mac filtration tab. It’s very important to enter the exact address of your phone because if you enter the wrong address of your device. your device can not allow you to connect with the wireless network.

Once you have done all the above-listed steps. just save your settings and close the tab. then turn on the wifi of your iPhone and find the network name that you want to connect to. Then enter the wifi password. all done.

Hopefully, this article will helpful for you.

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