How To Empty Trash On Android

How To Empty Trash On Android | Expert Guide

Expert Guide: How To Empty Trash On Android: if you are an android user. then this article is very helpful for you. the android system generates many kinds of trash files. these trash files also known as junk files. and these trash or junk files reduce the system speed. if you face this problem with your phone. then follow these steps to remove this problem.


How To Empty Trash On Android:

How To Empty Trash On Android

the android system does not have to recycle bin in it. this is just only because of the low space in android phones. computers have much more space in the form of hard drives. so that’s why computers have recycle bin.

but in the android case deleted files go to the trash folder. and these trash files just slow down your android device. here we provide some ways to trash or clear the cache of your android device.

Clear Cashe From Android Settings:

To do this step open your android settings.

  • unlock your device.
  • open settings.
  • scroll down and find USB and Storage.
  • Inside USB and storage find an internal storage option.
  • now find the cache data.
  • after that clear cache.

2nd Step Clear cache of individual apps:

once you will clear the cache of your android device.

this time is to remove the cache of individual apps. to do this

  • open setting of your android device.
  • find apps and notifications.
  • in apps and notification find option see all.
  • now remove cache of individual apps.
  • for example, if you want to remove cache from google chrome.
  • find google chrome and press the clear data button.

some other third-party applications are available to clear cache from your android phone.

  • Ccleaner
  • SD maid
  • clean master
  • file manager
  • disk usage

by using these tools you can easily remove the cache from your android device. these applications are very useful.

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