How To Earn Relentless Medal In Cod Mobile

How To Earn Relentless Medal In Cod Mobile:

How To Earn Relentless Medal In Cod Mobile

Accomplishing the Relentless Medal in COD Mobile is perhaps the hardest test to finish. Players should get 20 continuous kills without passing on to accomplish the Relentless award in COD Mobile. There are multiple ways of gaining the decoration. Such as utilizing high-level weapons. Players could likewise play in entryways where AI bots can join to get simple kills and scorestreaks. You can accomplish this award by playing multiplayer matches. Nonetheless, this challenge might demonstrate intense for a ton of players. particularly in high-positioned matches where everybody is great at the game. Here I will tell you how to earn a relentless medal in cod mobile.


Here I will tell you to step by step.

Non ranked multiplayer matches:

The ideal opportunity to apply this methodology would be after each significant fix of the game. As not every person will actually want to refresh right away. Whenever there are lesser players on the server, the game consequently puts AI bots in non-positioned multiplayer matches.

One can without much of a stretch spot AI bots through their thick ongoing interaction style. Most bots won’t stow away for cover and will basically run and shoot anybody in sight. Players can detect such bots and get simple kills in the match. Be that as it may, players actually need to pay special attention to other genuine players. They need to remain alive until they accomplish 20 kills to procure the Relentless award in COD Mobile.


Whenever the situation allows, players should utilize the most impressive administrator abilities or score streaks to handily kill foes. They are exceptionally strong and can kill adversaries from a protected distance in a solitary shot.

Playing safe:

To try not to get killed on COD Mobile, players should know about their close environmental factors. Each multiplayer map has a protected spot. While searching for likely targets, players should stow away in such spots and try not to hurry to hazardous areas.

The weapon with a high fire rate:

Weapons with a high pace of discharge make it simple to bring down adversaries in short-range battles. Such weapons additionally accompany a great deal of ammunition which can be utilized carefully to drop numerous players or bots in a single full magazine. Fennec SMG is one such strong weapon in COD Mobile that players can use alongside the Akimbo advantage to twofold the capability.

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