how to drill into tile

how to drill into tile:

drill into a tile is a simple process. Standard masonry drill bit works and seems easy to me. If you want to drill into a tile I work electrical tape over the spot you are getting to drill, mark it up, and go slow with the above drill bit. Also,  it is a newly tiled bathroom or an old one. Also, You have to put holes in tiled walls is a common task. Almost anything that mounts to the wall from installing hardware for toilet paper rolls and soap dishes to replacement of medicine cabinet is going to require drilling through tile. In this article, I will tell you how to drill into a tile.

how to drill into tile

Things you need:

  1.  safety gear
  2. Electric drill
  3. also, masonry drill bit
  4. stud detector
  5. tape
  6. tile drill bit
  7. Wall plug if you want

Replacement of damaged tile:

  1. check the area for pipes and wires, through a stud detector.
  2.  Mark the area you wish to drill the hole. Depending on what the hole is for, you may need to put a wall plug, so it’s important you choose a tile drill bit that matches
  3. Set the drill to the drill setting. Do not use a hammer action on your drill. It will risk cracking the tile.
  4. use a piece of tape. It will help prevent the drill from slipping.
  5. Wear the appropriate safety gear. Also, position the drill bit against the mark and press lightly on the trigger. Apply light pressure to the drill. Take your time, using 2 hands to fully support the drill. If you push into the tile too hard, then you risk damaging the surface.

Steps to drill through the tile:

Types of tile:

Tiles have three kind

  1. Glazed ceramic tile is the most common. what you’ll find in almost every older home And also the easiest to drill through.
  2. Glass tile is used more as an accent and has only been around for 15 years.
  3. porcelain tile looks like a replica of regular ceramic tile.  but it is hard

Check the area for pipe and wire:

You can get a good idea of where wires are lurking by observing where your electrical outlets and blub switches are placed. Wires will normally be running vertically or horizontally from them, so be wary of drilling nearby.

You can also check the water wiring. This will give an idea of where your pipes are. that’s how can stay away from the wire.

Mark the point you want to drill:

The point angle is at the upper side of the twist drill. The angle is measured between the 2 main cutting edges at the top. A point angle is important to center the twist drill in the material. Use a thumbtack to poke a hole through the center of the mounting hole. You can use a pen to mark the area. Let the tape be your guide. Remove the tape and place it on the wall where you want to mount your power strip. Now you can drill the screws directly into the marked area on the tape.

Drill setting:

drill setting is very important. set the drill for the soft hole. do not set the drill on hammer setting. It will break the tile.

Drill slow:

The tape not only makes it easier to mark the wall. But also helps to stay the drill bit from skidding when starting the hole.

Once the hole is started, you can increase the drill speed, but don’t run it at full speed

 The speed at the end:

You’ll feel a change in resistance when the bit gets through the tile. Now you can speed the drill up while backing off the pressure. Also, push the anchors in place. Screw the hardware home, and vacuum up the small amount of dust.

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