How To Draw Tears

How To Draw Tears:

When you cry salty liquid leaks from your eyes that are tears. You can not associate teras with pain or sadness. But tears also shed in happiness as well. For example when someone laughs heartily in time of joy or in time of the birth of a  child or in great relief. Tears have three types. One which produces basal tears that keep the eyes moist and inhibit infections. When something gets in your eyes then reflect tears occur in response to the stimulus.  There is a third type called psychic tears they shed in response to strong emotions. Here I will tell you how to draw tears.

How To Draw Tears

Draw tears:

Here I will tell you to step by step.


Tears are not small separate drops. But in reality, when tears come out from eyes they drop instantly and slide down to the face. If you want to look at your drawing accurately and you want to capture that shape. So you will start an elongated and rounded shape that will tear rolling down on the face. Then add some irregular shapes to represent the stray droplets of tears. Use an A012 pencil and apply less pressure to create lines.


You know that tears reflect the lights so draw some irregular circle shapes within the initial shapes. Do this to highlight the light in shape. You can also draw shapes along the bottom of tears that will become shadows of tears.


In this step start adding colors. A086 is very good to give an illusion of water. Always careful to color around the area there is the highlight. Because this area does not have any color and will look tears transparent. Now color the shadows. Use A047 it is good for that area. If the light is shining on the right side of the shadow then add some lines on the left side for shadow.


Drak the shadow to give tears a three-dimension look. Alsop adds some blue where there is low or no light. It will be good to add purple to blend with blue to give a realistic shape.

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