How To Draw Piggy

How To Draw Piggy:

In Roblox, game piggy is a horror survival game mode. Piggy is a very popular character in this game. Piggy mainly has a lot of oval and circular shapes. So you do not need any trick or technique to draw this. Here I will tell you how to draw piggy.

How To Draw Piggy

Things you need:

There is a list of things you will need to draw piggy.

  • Pencil
  • Marker.
  • Sharpie.
  • Pen.
  • Paper
  • Colour markers.
  • Also your imaginations.
  • These are some basic things you will need to draw this drawing.


Here I will tell you the whole process step by step.


For the head draw a regular circle. Make it as round as possible.


Draw the eras of the piggy which are similar to teddy bear ears. It will be two small circles on the head.


Now you will draw a baseball bat. After drawing it leaves space on the bottom right and also on the left side of the bat.


You will add hands to those empty spaces. If you can not draw the hand then make circles instead of drawing real hands.


After adding the hands add the last piece of the baseball bat.


Now you will draw the dress which will have two straight lines and some wavy lines on the bottom.


For more details add some straight lines on the dress. Also, draw some curved lines on the side for arms.


Now draw a face with circles, nostrils. Two blush circles on the face and two small circles on the eyes.


It is time to draw the inner eye. Draw the left circle of the eye larger and draw the right circle for the eye smaller.


Use a black marker and color space between the outer eye and inner eye. You can also use any other color for this process.


Color the piggy you want.


You can also add some shading to the ears, dress, bat, and hands. Now your job is done.

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