How To Draw Ice

How To Draw Ice:

Ice is responsible for making gigantic glaciers in the ocean and also to cool glass of water or soda. Ice has different form shapes and sizes. It is tricky but not difficult to draw ice. Ice actually means solid water. Water becomes ice below zero degrees. Molecules of ice move slowly than molecules of water. When molecules stick to each other and line up they form a crystalline formation which calls ice. In summer you always see ice cubes floating in the water, lemon, or beers. Ice is a symbol of summer. Here I will tell you how to draw ice.

How To Draw Ice

Here I will tell you to step by step Guide.


Drawing ice is tricker than you think. But transparent and constant melting should be in drawing ice.  First, draw a rough ice cube shape to make this drawing easier through a pencil. After this took a pen and add some details. Also, use thick lines on the edges of the cube. Some edges of the cube will have lines that are not connecting to each other. Also, give a gap on the lower right-hand corner.


Add another block in this step of drawing ice cream. After you have drawn one ice cube it will be easy for you to draw another because of similarity. Now draw smaller and at different angles. Also left some space on the lower right-hand side and after this fit that soon.


Draw another ice cube. It should be similar to the first two ice cubes. Draw some wavy lines down the cube and start their reaction in the puddle these cubes will sit down.


Make curvy lines around ice cubes to show melting slowly. Now draw some round shapes separate and close to a puddle to add irregularity to the water pill.


Draw some lines on the base of cubes to make a look that they are reflected in a puddle. Also, draw a background of ice cubes of any beverage you like. You can also draw some stylistic shapes and images behind ice cubes.


Now color your ice cube. Ice has a blue color and is typically white because it is a clear object.

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