How To draw Hair

How To draw Hair:

Hair is not easy to draw. It is a more complex process than it looks. Because you can not draw all the hair in the same line. It is a different process than it looks. We will draw hairs in different lines and shades. Drawing in the same line is not possible. We will simply line. Also, we will simply shade. Today I will tell you how to draw hair through different processes. I will share simple techniques and methods with you. That will make drawing hair more easily.

How To draw Hair

Before starting:

Before starting this process. You will take your head as a base to easily understand. First, we will draw long and straight hair. Let’s do this process.

Step one:

Before starting this process. We will add some volume to our hair. Do not lie flat hair on the scalp.

Step two:

Now find the area or place you want to part the hair. It is important to step in drawing hair.

Step three:

In step three we will outline the hair want to draw. We will do this outline around the face. It is essential for proper drawing. Also, it makes the base of the interior drawing.

Step four:

Here comes step four. Now we will draw the direction of the hair. we draw it gently down. It should be over the shoulder. We are not drawing only single hair. We drawing the whole hair. So, keep it inflow.

Step five:

So, in step five. Keep in mind hair does not lie on the scalpe. So, we will show it by elevating. Show it on the front side.

Step six:

Now we will make a grip of hairs through stands. We will create edges of those stands. Then it is easy to divide into small stands. Then create smaller stands. It will enhance your drawing. It starts visibly through the eyes. Now, they will visible on the top of the head.

Step six:

In step six we will draw strands on the side to give some texture. Draw them in narrow lines. It will be in a Y shape. Now start elevating after the parting. Also, this is time to outline the hair. Start with the rhythm of strands. Keep it soft do not make hard outlines.

Step seven:

In step seven draw long lines with strands. It will show hair in detail then create some depth to the hair. Do not make it hard or tight. Shade them with strands to whole hair. It is time to create some stray hairs. It will give realistic look to hair.

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