How To Draw Godzilla

How To Draw Godzilla:

Godzilla is a character that was first introduced in life in films in 1954. Godzilla is a reptilian which is a huge and prehistoric reptilian sea monster. This monster rises from the ocean to wreak havoc on some unsuspecting coastal cities. Now Godzilla has become a pop culture icon. Godzilla has starred in more than 300 films, video games, books, and tv shows. You can see Godzilla has evolved from a metaphor for nuclear destruction and also an antihero who defended the interest of humanity. Actually, its name is a combination of two Japanese words which mean gorilla and whale. Here I will tell you how to draw Godzilla.

How To Draw Godzilla

I will guide you in some easy steps. The only thing you need is a pencil, a sheet of paper and an eraser.


The first thing you will draw is a circle. The circle will help you to make the head of Godzilla.


Now we will make Godzilla snout. Erase a portion to make the way. Draw in a rough way a W To shape the noise. Now we will indicate nostrils for this use curved lines and a small shade oval. Again curve lines to draw lower jaw. Also jagged edge near the cheek.


In step 3 details the eyes and head also erasing is necessary. You will use short lines to meet jagged points on the top of the scaly head. Outline the brows by using curved lines. Make irregular round shapes for the eyes. C shape lines for ears.


In step four make smaller circles within the eyes. Then shade between two smallest, indicating the pupil. Use curved lines from the side of the upper jaw to the lower jaw. Also, outline the inside of the mouth. after this make triangle teeth along the edges of the mouth and also on both jaws.


Draw short curved lines that meet jagged points in descending order from the back of the head. It will outline the back of the head. Then draw u shape line begin it from the bent arm. Use curved lines to connect and meet the fingers or claws. Then some more lines outline the back of the hand. Draw curved lines between the fingers to distinguish the fingers. To indicate the scale draw several small lines in C shape.


In this step, make curved lines from jaw to hand. Then overlap these lines and extend further. Also, some curved lines descending from the arms. Use latter lines from the legs. Connect these lines from the toe. Also, curved lines between them to distinguish the fingers. To indicate scale draw a small C in a cluster all over the body.


To show the rib and belly draw a series of curved lines. Also, curved lines to show the arms then hand leg and toes arms and hands. Also, band pointed fingers and toes with curved lines to make a claw. Make C types cluster on arms and legs.


Make tail with curved lines which meet at a gentle point. Bandit with curved lines and do not go across.


Draw spikes on the tail and back of Godzilla. Use curved lines for this purpose.


Color the Godzilla which is grey or green in color.

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