How To Draw Fish

How To Draw Fish:

Fish has scally skin and also it is a vertebrate that breathes using its gill. Drawing a fish is the most fun and artistic skill. Here in this article, I will tell you to step by that how to draw a fish.

How To Draw Fish

Step 1:Outline

In the center of your paper create an outline of the shape of fish. Make sure that the outline will be at the center of the paper. First, make references lines by drawing an intersection horizontal and vertical line across the paper. The two lines will meet at a point in the center where you will draw your outline.

Step2: Gill cover

To show the gills of the fish draw a curved line within the outline. It will a division between its head and its body.

Step3: Fish,s caudal peduncle

Here you will draw another curved line on the tapered part of the body of the fish. Draw right before its tail.

Step4: pectoral fin

We will draw the fin of fish on both sides which we call pectoral fins. Fish is in a sideways position so for the illusion only one fin will visible. Make the structure or shape of the fin by making two curved lines connecting each other. Connect these lines on a point that makes the shape of the oval sideway. Connect them to create a pectoral fin.

step5: complete the fins

Draw the fins which are fixed from top to the bottom of the fish. These are dorsal and pelvic fins respectively. Start from the dorsal fin and make a curved shape directly connected to the fish from the top. Another upside-down triangular shape is the bottom of the fish to create a pelvic fin.

Step6: mouth

Draw an upward and downward diagonal line at the corner of the face of the fish.


To create an eye draw a big circle on its face. Draw another circle inside the circle and outline it to draw the pupil. To highlight the iris draw another tiny circle inside the pupil.

Step 8: Patterns

In elongated triangular shape draw patterns all over the body. Make the positions of the patterns alternate. First, draw a pattern at the top and then at the bottom. Repeat this process.

Step9: Bubbles

Above the head of the fish draw multiple circles to create bubbles. It will make an illusion that the fish is breathing underwater.

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