How To Draw Fire

How To Draw Fire:

It is always good to draw fire in your art and paintings. But it can be a challenge because does not have any definite structure. the only trick you need is to try to show the flame in motions while working within a static shape. You always need to vary lines by adding colors to define the shape of flames and add nuance to your fire. Here I will tell you step by step how to draw fire.

How To Draw Fire


Here I will tell you step by step how to draw fire.


Draw a faint vertical line down to the center of the page by using a 2HB pencil. The line will help you to keep the drawing symmetrical. It also helps you to lose from the vertical direction as you will draw the outlines of the fire.


Draw all the tongues of the flames before adding details to your work. Make some shorts, some longs and some between. It is awesome to do this part sitting in front of a real fire and it can be quite mesmerizing.


In this step add as much detail to the flames as you can. It will help you to know where to place the different colors. It also gives answers to that which marker should be used in which area. Also, It will help you to understand the transition between light and dark. Your result will be in a finished pencil drawing.


Start the process of coloring from light to dark rule. First, you will dd yellow shades. Use 945 yellow light colors, then 935 medium light colors. Then use white to fill the lightest areas.


At the mid-tone area use 9423 saturated orange. Also, work on the transition from light orange to dark orange. Use this to blend around the edge of the flames. Always keep strokes going upward in different directions to give the feeling like they are jumping up the chimney or to the sky.


In this step add some dark flames. Use 9432 yellow ochers and 422 red-orange to paint the dark part of the flame. Use 401 to pain the parts of background that are seen through the flame.  The flame will be brighter and have volume if you use a dark background.


Red means hot. Fire does not look red if you will not add red color to it. Add red to the middle of the flame by using 422 and 302 red roses.


In this step, we will start painting the background and add some details to the flame edges. Use 422 and 881 purple and also add 4103 for this process.


When you will layer 4103 with 881 and 401 in the background then this scene will give you a richer feel. For the shades of violet in the background. Overlay it with lilac 410 and some 422 to keep looking hot.


Color the background violet again by using 401,0 and 881 and then another layer of 401.


To give a feel of a fire camp in the drawing layer background with blue and blue-green color to mimic the trees and grass.

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