How To Draw Deku

Deku is a superhero. He is the alias of izuku midoriya. He is also0 the main protagonist and the anime. In the world of Deku 80 percent of people manifest superpowers which they call quirks. But Deku does not have any quirk. Then he inherits all superpowers “one for all”. So here I will tell you how to draw Deku. The things you need for drawing pencil an eraser and a sheet of paper. Here I will tell you to step by step.

How To Draw Deku


Outlines the Deku face by using long curved lines. Also, note bulge and of the cheeks and chin. Now two more curved lines across the face. Draw vertical and horizontal lines. Cross them at a perpendicular angle. This will help you to place the feature of the face. Also, help you to draw Deku.


Make ears along two sides of the face by using curved lines. Make additional curved lines in-ears for more detail. Use horizontal lines to place the eyes of Deku. A horizontal line should be in the center of the eyes. Make the large c shape to outlines the eyes. Then oval forms the pupil. Then make more c shape around the pupil one small and one big. Also, the c shape is curved and has short lines. The curved line will be for eyebrows and the short line represent furrowed bow. Then the vertical line will guide you to draw the lines of noise chin, mouth, and dimple of the chin.


Now erase the guidelines from the face. Now begin to draw the hair. Draw spiky manga hairs. Use curved lines for each strand of hair. Meet the curved lines at the jagged point. Also, draw across the forehead and below the ears.


More curved lines to enclose hair on the top of the head. Stick out all irregular locks in all directions like the corona of the sun.


Your hairs are ready and unnecessary lines from your head. Make an irregular shape collar of the garment using straight lines. Then draw some lines to connect the collar to the head. Also, outline the neck. Draw lines down to the collar and connect them with straight lines. Then put some vertical alines and c shapes to the collar.


Then enclose irregular L shapes on the collar using straight lines.


now draw curved lines to each side of the collar to enclose an irregular shape. Detail with them curved line down the middle. Long curved lines to show the shoulders.


It is time to detail the neck. Detail the neck with hatching and also use curved lines to draw a semicircular shape behind the collar. Make folds and edges of the garment with curved lines. Draw an oval in corners and a curved line down each arm.


Put colors to make cartoons. His skin is light, green eyes and dark green hairs.

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