How To Draw Breasts

How To Draw Breasts:

It is easy to draw breasts than you think. The only thing you should know is the basic makeup of the breasts. You need to know that the breast is not a solid object stuck to a women’s chest. When you will first start to draw the breast you will draw two circles and two dots in a circle. That is breast for you but it is not right. Here I will tell you how to draw breasts.

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Breast tissues and works:

There are specialized tissues in the breast which are glandular tissues. These tissues help to produce milk. The breast also has adipose tissues, a group of cells extending from the collarbone to the underarm. These tissues are also across the rib cage. The size of the breast is determined by the number of fatty tissues. Connective tissues are responsible for the shape of breasts and how it sits on the chest along ligaments supporting it.

The shape of breasts:

The breasts are mostly made up of fatty tissues it does not mean that it is like a half-round football as you often portray when you want to draw it. Also, one more thing is that breast sitting is naturally on the chest and the nipple should position more due to gravity and look realistic.

How to draw breasts:

Here I will you step by step.

  • It is a fact that women’s breasts are in different shapes and sizes. It is obvious that there is not any rule that breast should look like this or not.
  • There is another fact that you can not draw natural breasts on the page and nipples and areola,s can also vary.
  • First, draw the body foundation of the body you want to draw. After this draw circle for the head and draw squared frame bodies. Then make a centerline of motion in the body as its vertebral. Add the upper square body.
  • Now sketch the body lines.
  • After this remove the lines and you will see three different posing drawings. Think about the poses and how gravity will act on them.
  • Your drawing for the breast is ready.

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