How To Draw Braids

How To Draw Braids:

How To Draw Braids

Braids may seem easy to draw and intimidating at the same time. Braids have the same and relatively simple repeating pattern. But it is important to make it realistic and three-dimensional. Here I will create a drawing that illustrates different foreshortenings and we will use a couple of graphic pencils. Here I will tell you how to draw braids.

Things you need:

These are the things you will need.

  • A graphite pencil of HB.
  • A graphite pencil of 3B.
  • Drawing paper and an eraser.

How to draw:

Here I will tell you to step by step.

Step 1:

Use HB pencil and draw two lines. These rough lines will be the border of the braids.

Step 2:

Here we will apply the principle of creating a real braid to the drawing. Braid has three long and interlacing segments. In the upper part of the outline, I have drawn two of them. It will form central elements automatically.

Step 3:

Now I will draw the extension of the second segment and then it overlaps the first segment.

Step 4:

Now as we draw the extension of the third segment of the braid. The dashed line is a good option to visualize the way elements are following and overlapping each other. Draw the extension of the first segment of the braid.

Step 5:

Repeat the action and continue the braid downwards. Now the pattern is predictable and easy to repeat. A different zigzag line goes through the braid.

Step 6:

Now two-thirds of the braid is approximately complete by filling it with a similar pattern. If you want to make your braid perfect even or slightly irregular you can easily make it. Some imperfections will help you to achieve a more natural look.

Step 7:

The lower parts of the braid are thinner so make the remaining elements slightly narrow.

Step 8:

Now drawing is a flat pattern and it is time to turn it into a realistic pencil sketch. Erase all the unnecessary graphite lines and mark the darkest with accurate hatching. For this use HB pencil.

Step 9:

Apply a layer of HB pencil hatching to all small elements of the braid. These pencil lines will follow the contour,imaiting hair. Do not shad the middle part too much and also each element has its own highlight.

Step 10:

Increase the contrast in the drawing and Darken the shadows. Also, accentuating the zigzag pattern.  Use 3B for this process. Leave the top and bottom parts of the drawing untouched. So braid blends with background and then sketch looks harmonious.

Step 11:

Soften the highlights with HB pencil make them grey more than white. If you want to make your drawing more credible then add some starry hairs with an HB pencil. If you want to make the light then use Sharpe point of eraser, wispy hair.

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