How To Draw A Moon

How To Draw A Moon:

We always see the moon glowing in the sky. It always fascinates people. Moon has different phases and glowing appearances in the sky. There are many myths, mythologies where the moon is featured. People use the moon in art, poetry, film, drawing, and paintings. If you want to make and immortalize your art in making the moon. Then you always wonder how to capture it properly in your drawing. Here I will tell you how to draw a moon. Here I will you step by step.

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How To Draw A Moon


In the first step, we will draw a simple circle. Use a light pencil to draw a circle then if you want to erase. Erase a little bit. If you want to draw a perfect circle it will be difficult with freehand. You can use a tool to draw. There are many tools for drawing circles. A drawing compass is one of the best tools to draw it. These tools have sharp points so you can rotate them around easily to draw a circle.


In this step, we will draw a second circle. Use the same pencil you used in the previous step. Draw the first circle in the first circle and its little slice outside the first circle. If you need any help to draw a second then you can use reference images. It will help you to draw a perfect one.


In this step, we will draw some final lines. You already make the shape of the moon in two circles. Now we will erase that part which we do not want on the moon. Left yourself with a crescent moon shape as it appears in the reference image. After this go over the pencil lines with a pen and after this erase the remaining lines.


In this step, we will draw some stars. These are fun details on the moon. Draw three stars around the moon and feel free to draw it. Draw their style and size according to your wish. You can draw some clouds around it. Draw them underneath the moon. Draw them according to the size and shape you want.


In this step add some beautiful colors. Here is the suggestion for you. Make the background in blue and moon stars into yellow also fill the white color in the clouds.

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