How To Draw A Crown

How To Draw A Crown:

Crowns have various types. It is designed to wore by royalty by kings, princesses, es, and queens. It is easy to draw a crown through some easy steps. You can ake it easy by designing an element known as fleur de lis. It is means flower and lily in french. This method is very popular in art and it is used since antiquity. It was also a popular political symbol in France. You can also see the crown on a lot of territorial flags, cost of arms, also group insignia from Spain, Italy, Britain, Bosnia, Canada, and the united states. Here I will tell you how to draw a crown.

How To Draw A Crown

For the drawing, you only need drawing paper and some pencils to draw. I will highlight new lines in blue and show the previous lines in black. You can also use crayons and other tools to color and finish it.

here I will tell you to step by step.


Draw one straight and horizontal line. Above this draw one curved line. It should be slightly curved. Draw it parallel to the first line. These lines will form the base of the crown that will touch the part of the head.


In this step, you will connect these two lines. Also, use short curved lines to connect them.


Now you form an enclosed box shape. Draw another line in this shape. Draw it straight long and parallel to the first lines. Now draw again curved lines which will parallel to the next one.

Step 4:

Now extend a little bit longer to both sides. Shape the lines upward and make a question make which will upward. Then also connect both lines using short curved lines.


make a scalloped edge and decorate your crown. Then extend it short and make a curved line upward from each end of the crown base. Then start making u and make series of u and make the meet to the sharp point of both lines. Now draw short straight lines between U shape lines at equal intervals.


Now draw U shape lines within the shape just enclosed. Draw series of U shape lines. It will form curved triangles with the base of the crown. Then above straight-line draw parallel lines. Also, connect them by using short lines. Then extend one short and three curved lines from the side of the crown. Make them meet at a sharp point. It will form a beautiful pattern.


From the beautiful shape on both sides of the crown. Extend long curved parallel lines which stretch from to the top of the crown.


At the central portion of the crown draw a vertical line. Then draw a set of the curving lines at each end of this line. Draw another curved line to meet at the right point. It will make a third fleur de lis.


make two lines upward from the center of fleur de lis.  Connect them with the straight line and draw another straight line. Draw it parallel to the first and connect these lines with curved short lines. Draw two upward lines and then connect horizontal straight lines.


Draw a circle at the center of the crown and upward of the crown. Make a butterfly shape at the upper side of the crown. Make another wing-like shape in the shape. Enclosed it with a rectangular shape. Also, draw a diamond in the base of the crown. Now color the crown. Crowns usually have a red, purple, and blue color, and gold are also included.

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