How To Drag Click

How To Drag Click:

Here I will tell you everything about drag click. Drag clicking is a process of forcefully your finger across a mouse button. People do this to trick into recording more clicks. People call it different things like Fazer tapping or tap clicking. But they are all same things.  Tape clicking increases your CPS.  Here I will tell you how this thing works. In drag clicking, you take advantage of friction between the mouse button and your skin. because you swiftly move your finger across its surface. So when fingers move then friction generates vibration which is picked by the mouse switch. That’s why the mouse registers more clicks when dragging it. Here I will tell you how to drag click.

How To Drag Click

How to drag :

In the first paragraph, you might think drag click is a very easy process. But it’s not true. It is more difficult than it looks. It is not just dragging a finger across the mouse. The process takes a lot of practice. This is also an important thing that some mouse devices perform to tolerate drag clicking. The mouse should be tested first.

Here are few steps to understand.


In the first step, you will make sure that your hands are dry, and also the surface of the mouse is important to be clean. Friction is important and sweat and dust also interfere with it. It happens when you want to drag a mouse.


The first thing in this step is to hold the mouse with your thumb as you normally do. Thumb supports the left side of the mouse and your little finger on the right side. Now your index and middle finger will be on the edge of the mouse button.


Flick your wrist slightly at an angle and gently press the mouse button in a downward direction to drag the click. Just glide your finger through the button and do not press too hard. A grinding noise means you are doing right. This noise will start when you start dragging. When you move your finger across you will feel a slight vibration.


Now if you want to verify your drag clicks. You want to verify that your clicks are working. There is an online tool for this here is its link.

It is easy and free to use and you do not need to download anything on your computer.

Downsides to drag click:

Dragging click is a good idea and you came to know that how its works. Before you use it there are some downsides you need to know.

  • One of its downsides is that the drag click puts a lot of strain on the mouse switch. These strains are responsible for reducing their service life.
  • Some Minecraft servers do not allow drag clicking. Because it seems unfair advantage and they ban players for doing this.
  • You want to implement the strategy. Check the server before doing this. Check the server before playing that they will allow it or not.

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