How To Disconnect A Washing Machine

How To Disconnect A Washing Machine:

Sometimes we need to move our washing machine from one corner to another. But is not that household which you can move easily. Sometimes there are certain reasons that you have to replace it. You keep your machine usually in the basement or laundry room. Often it happens to remove the machine if you want to replace it or shift into a new house. It is not an easy task to replace or remove a machine. Because washing machine is connected with walls through multiple sides. Here I will tell you through different methods that how to disconnect a washing machine.

How To Disconnect A Washing Machine


Here are few steps I will tell you for the disconnecting of the washing machine.

Turning off the valves:

Every washing machine has two valves of hot and cold water. These two valves are often in the washer box in the washing machine. These valves have connected the wall from another side. We will turn them in a clockwise direction to turn them off. It will protect us from major spills if happens accidentally.

Dragging the washing machine:

Now it is time to drag the washing machine away from the wall. If your working alone then pulls the washing machine from its sides with your hands. Pull it as much as you can and do not put stress on the hoses. It will take the machine far away from the wall. New homes have new washing boxes which are easy to remove.

Plugging the machine:

It is time to plug the machine off. So, it is important that your machine is not working. Then plug out its outlet. It will cut its power supply.


Put a water pan or bucket behind the washing machine. Put it under the water lines where it will catch water. Cover the bucket with several towels to catch any additional leaks. Leaking water can spill out when the pipes are detached.

Detach the hoses:

Turn the screw anti-clockwise it will lose the clamps. Which are attached to washing machines. Double-check the valves before doing it. You will find it helpful to wait a few seconds after turning off the valves. It will try to remove the hoses, as this will allow the pressure in the hoses to abate and it will make them easier to remove.

Removing the hoses:

It is time to remove hoses from the walls. So, use an adjustable pipe to remove the hoses. You can use a wrench to lose it. When you will remove it then drain the remaining water from the machine.

Moving of washing machine:

  • Empty your bucket of water before moving the machine.
  • It is time to check the connections again before moving it
  • Clean the intake before moving it.
  • Then remove the power cord.
  • It is time to secure the drum
  • Wrap the parts.

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