How To Descale Tassimo

How To Descale Tassimo:

You need to care properly for all the household appliances. Also, the Tassimo coffee maker is a household appliance and the same goes for Tassimo. When using the appliance daily after some time build-up of oils, pollutants, and limescale will occur. When you will use descaling tablets from the bosch then you will be sure that every cup of coffee will taste the first one. Proper cleaning of machine will guarantees the quilty of the coffee. Also, you can enjoy your tea and chocolate drinks. Descaling also helps to increase its lifespan of it. Here I will step by step How To Descale Tassimo.

How To Descale Tassimo


Here I will tell you step by step How To Descale Tassimo.

Step1 Preparing:

  • First, remove the water tank from the Tassimo coffee machine. Also, remove the paper instruction guide and drip tray from the water tank.
  • In this step place, the drip tray on the front of the Tassimo tray, and after this connect the main cables back to the machine. You can switch on the machine once you connect the main cables.
  • switch the machine by the off/on button on the right side.
  • Open holder of capsules by pulling latch upwards at front of Tassimo appliances.
  • Under the tray of the Tassimo, appliance remove the descaling disc. You will drawer at the base of the Tassimo appliance which is identically suited for this.
  • Place the yellow descaling T_disc inside the pod holder which is already opened. Place it on the upper drawer. The shape of the drawer is made to hold the capsules.
  • After this close the capsule holder in front of the appliance. You can close it by pressing downwards.

Step2 Descaling:

  • If the red light starts to blink then it means that you must descale your Tassimo machine.
  • Then you will remove the water tank and fill the water o the indicator mark with a descaling symbol. Now you will add two bosch Tassimo descaling tablets to the water in the tank.
  • Place the water tank back inside your machine and then remove the drip tray.
  • Take a container with a volume of 500ml in a place where the drip tray belongs. Then open the pod holder.
  • place the yellow descaling cleaning disc in the pod holder and then close the pod holder of the machine.
  • Press the button about 5 seconds of the control on the right side of your appliance. After pressing the button machine will start to descale and it will take 30 minutes.
  • After removing the tank from the machine you can rinse it thoroughly under the faucet using a cloth or sponge to clean it. After cleaning the tank you can fill it to the maxim level. After empty your cup you put it back and then shut the capsule holder of the machine.
  • To flush through keep the button on of the coffee machine.
  • After descaling remove the disc from pod heat and packs it in the storage compartment of the machine.

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