How To Crawl In Minecraft

How To Crawl In Minecraft:

Crawling is a new skill in Minecraft. It is a powerful skill that we can create with hard work. Also, it is a revolutionary skill. It was never available until the 1.14 update. If you want to activate this skill you will need a little setup to do. You will make a character that will able to crawl under any space in the trapdoor. The only thing we need is six wooden planks. Here I will tell you how to Minecraft through a method.

How To Crawl In Minecraft


First, we will create a setup for this skill. We will place a trapdoor. Place it on the half bottom of the block above the space we want to crawl. Do not make it on the top half. Because space will become low to crawl. It will force you to stop crawling. When you will make your trapdoor in place. Make an aligned vertical block to place on it. It is time to stand vertical on it. This will make our character to crawling.

Now it becomes easy to crawl. You can crawl under any block space. You will ease into your standing position when there is no block above you. It will take no time. This is important to tell you that how to crawl in Minecraft.


This setup helps you to create secret rooms. It will polish your game. No one will think about abut missing block when he will pass. In the time of leaving remove your trapdoor, it is important. No one knows about your secret room. Only you will use it and access it. There is a second fun way to use this crawling method is within obstacle courses. This is a clean trick that not many players know about at this time. It will easy to challenge other players on your map.

It also has another use and practical use. There is a fun way to get interested in screenshots and videos. Make some exploration. You can easily feather in screenshots and videos during crawling.

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