How To Cook Silverbeet

How To Cook Silverbeet:

How To Cook Silverbeet

People also call silverbeet as chard, Swiss chard and seakale beet. It has a strong flavor but is similar to spinach. Sometimes red beets are available but usually, silverbeet has a white stalk. Its stems and veins are rich red and have green leaves. It is easy to cultivate and grow all year round. You should always choose crisp green leaves with firm white stalks and avoid damaged leaves. Here I will tell you how to cook silverbeet.


Twice wash stalks and leaves then remove stalks and cut center ribs according to requirement. Now tear leaves and shake off excess water. When you are cooking leaves do not add excess water but washing is sufficient for them as more water clings to them. You can remove the stem from the leafy section and cook like asparagus. You can cook stem and leaves together as stem takes more time to cook so add leaves after 3 to 4 minutes after stem. There is quick silverbeet suits cooking methods like stir-frying, steaming, and microwaving.


You can use leaves as raw in salads but silverbeet is usually eaten cooked. Silverbeet makes excellent dishes like pureed or chopped silverbeet. You can use blanched leaves as a wrap.

Nutrition in silverbeet:

Silverbeet has vitamins A, folate, and vitamin K.It also has a little amount of potassium. Silverbeet has carotenoids and some flavonoids.

Handle with care:

Correct storage is essential for silverbeet to prolong life. Use refrigerator shelving to display silverbeet. Check silverbeet regularly and handle it with care. If there is any damage to stalk or leaves then remove it. Stems butt should trim daily. Always keep silverbeet in moist places. At the leave of humidity of 90 percent store it at 2 to 5 centigrade. store silverbeet separately from ethylene-producing products as they are ethylene sensitive.

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