How To Cook Rhubarb

How To Cook Rhubarb:

Rhubarb is a unique vegitable. It has a tart flavor. People use other ingredients to make it sweet and enjoyable. Rost it with sugar or stew is the simplest way to cook. Its more popular recipe is rhubarb pie and it is common and simple to cook. It is a plant in the dock family. Here I will tell you how to cook rhubarb.

How To Cook Rhubarb

How To Cook Rump Steak:

Things you need:

These are the following things you need for stewed rhubarb.

  • 200g of sugar
  • 30ml of water
  • 600g of chopped rhubarb.
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  • 3 cups of yield

Cleaning process:

The first process is the cleaning and here are certain points you need to know

  • First, choose healthy and firm stalks to cook. Do not use stalk with large blemishes and bruising. Because these are unhealthy and unpleasant tastes. So, it is better for you to choose a healthy and solid one.
  • In this step, we will remove all leaves and discard rhubarbs. Because its leave is poisonous and does not consume in any circumstances. So, use a sharp knife to cut the leaves and other discards.
  • It is important to clean and dry them before cooking. So first clean them with cooled water and risen with fingers to remove all dust and after this dry them.

Stewed rhubarb:

Here we will cook stewed rhubarb and I will tell you in few steps.

  • First, we will chop 600 grams of rhubarb then clean it. We will chop them in 1.9 to 2.5 cm length. Put all the chop rhubarb in big bowls.
  • It is time to add sugar and water. We will add 200g of sugar and 30ml of water to it. We will put them together and stir this mixture. Use a large spoon to stir it will make it easy to mix the ingredients.
  • After this take a saucepan and put all the mixture in it. Then take it on a low medium heat for 15 minutes. Put the saucepan on the stove and cook it on medium heat. After 15 minutes sugar will dissolve and rhubarbs break down.
  • It is time to serve the rhubarb. First, cool it down at room temperature then put it over ice cream or dessert and serve it.

Things you need for rhubarb pie:

  • 600g of chopped rhubarbs
  • 150g of white sugar
  • 40g of flour
  • a pinch of cinnamon
  • unbacked pie crusts

Rhubarb pie:

Here I will tell you how you can cook rhubarb pie in few steps

  • First, we will chop the rhubarb in the length of 1 inch. Then clean it properly remove its leaves and other discards. We will put 600g of rhubarbs into a large bowl.
  • In the next step, we will mix other ingredients into the rhubarb like 40g of flour 150g of sugar, and a pinch of cinnamon. Then take a large spoon and stir it properly to mix the ingredients evenly.
  • Make a pie pastry dough and line a 23cm pie plate. For this take an unbaked pie crust from a grocery store and lie it on the plate carefully. Trim it around the edges of the plate.
  • After the first crust lies down the second crust on the first and fills the pastry with rhubarb mixture. Fill it with before putting the second crust then seal them by pressing the edges of the pastry. You can also put milk in it if you want. Brush or sprinkle the milk on the crust.
  • It is time to bake the unbacked crust and whole ingredients in it. First, put aluminum foil on the edges of the pie to stop it from burning. Then bake it for 25 minutes.
  • After this remove the foil and bake it again without any cover for 30 minutes. Cooldown it before serving

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