How To Clean A Dyson Filter

How To Clean A Dyson Filter:

vacuums are playing important role in daily life. We use them to clean our homes. Filters play important role in a vacuum. If you to take your vacuum efficient. You have to clean it once a year. Today, we will talk about how to clean a Dyson filter. Most people are not aware of it. That they have to clean it once in a while.

How To Clean A Dyson Filter

Why you should clean your Dyson filter:

It is better for your filter to clean it every month. You should also replace it every year. The more we use the lesser time to replace. You not only clean your filter. It is better to clean the whole machine. It is like a smooth operation of your machine. Cleaning of Dyson filter is not a hard task.

Dayson keeps their customers in mind when it comes to maintenance. When you clean the Dayson filter. It extends the life span of your vacuum. It is a simple task to clean your Dayson filter. You just have to follow some steps and methods.


a Dyson filter important role in a vacuum. It helps to trap dirt and debris. The filter collects dust and pollen grains. it removes bacteria and other particles from the air. Here are some steps to remove it.

Switch the vacuum:

before cleaning your vacuum. It is essential to switch off. This will make our job safe. It will keep safe us from electric shock. switch off and plugged off the vacuum. You can turn off your handle vacuum.

Empty the dust canister:

we will start with our dust canister. Because Dayson vacuum does not have bags. first, we clean the dust canister. keep it empty. Dust canister located underneath the cyclones. We will press the dust canister and lave it. If there is any monal button. Press it.  Press the button to release the trash in the dustbin. It will realize all types of trash in the dustbin. Then take a cloth to clean the dust canister. Do not use any type of detergent to clean it.

 Remove the Dayson filter:

Most filters are located under the cyclon. You can lift and remove out the filter. They have a typically purple color. Some Dayson machines contain more than one filter. Take a back look at the machine and remove all the filters.

Risen the filter:

Take some cold water and risen your filter. Do not use any type of detergents or soap to clean it. do not put your filter in the dishwasher or washing machine. while cleaning it, squeeze the water from the filter gently.

Dry Dayson filter:

before placing your filter to vacuum. dry it under the sun for 15 mintus. You can do this leaving in your warm area for 24 hours. put them in dyer or open flame.

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