How To Check Etisalat Balance

How To Check Etisalat Balance:

If you are living in the United Arab emirates. You must be a subscriber of Etisalat mobile. Also, there is various way to check the prepaid and postpaid balance. It is not difficult to check the mobile balance and data credit. Because of the internet. Which is in every corner of the world right now. Etisalat mobile network in UAE assures its user to provide all kinds of services. Which will be available in every corner. Also, they use some couples of easy methods. Here I will tell you how to check the Etisalat balance.

How To Check Etisalat Balance

How to check Etisalat balance online:

Back in 2018. There were more than 20 million mobile phone users in UAE. It was the data of the telecommunications regulatory authority. It means a lot of people in the UAE use mobile phones for their daily lives. Etisalat is also a major telecom provider in UAE. Lots of people use this network. Here I will tell you how to check Etisalat balance online.

Prepaid balance check:

There are some shortcodes to check the balance online. Etisalat provides these shortcodes to their customers. These shortcodes are shorts and easy to remember. They are not unique to each other they are the same.

  1. There is a shortcode *121#. It is used to check the internet data usage
  2. Just dial the short code *121#
  3. When you dial the shortcode. you will get a message. Which will tell you your remaining balance.
  4. Tip: Etisalat sends you a message automatically if you use data from 80 to 100 percent.
  5. It is easy to check the prepaid balance through their portal. There is an online self-care portal.
  6. ALSO, They have a website www. Etisalat. ae
  7. You can register with a new account through various options.
  8. When you log in you can check easily. You can check easily subscription, mobile data, and transaction bill history

Check your prepaid balance through the app:

You can download the My Etisalat UAE appit is available on both ios and android both. You can log in by using your Etisalat online care account. through the app, you can check your mobile data, bills, and payments.

Postpaid balance check:

There are some methods through which sim card user track their remaining data.

  1. You will dial *140# to check your postpaid balance.
  2. You can also check your balance through the app.
  3. It is a similar process you just log in through your previous account or a new one.
  4. Check your balance through an online care service.

It also has the same process as prepaid service.

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