How To Check Du Balance

How To Check Du Balance:

Here I will tell you how to check du balance. If you are a user of du prepaid sim card and you want to check your balance data. Then you are in right place. I will tell you the useful USSD codes and SMS procedures. It is up to you which procedure you want to adopt. If you are a permanent resident of Dubai or visiting it. Then also you better know about the telecom and transportation system of the city. Today I will you different ways to check the balance.

How To Check Du Balance

Balance check code:

If you are a permanent resident of Dubai or visiting primarily. You will know about the telecommunication system of Dubai. They are serving in a city like a blessing. Sims give you cards that prevent you from carrying money all the tiME. When you are going to buy cards you should know its advantages and a prime way of one line inquiry in Dubai. Today we will share some things which are related to one line balance query for the du sim.


Du sim has a tagline that says; add life to life; There is no doubt that du is connecting people. It offers you to communicate with one another through message calls and other social media platforms. They can provide you with simple paid plans and net services.

Procedure to check balance:

If you want to check Du’s data balance for the postpaid sim. Then you will connect yourself to prepaid mobile customers. There is the simplest way to check the data by one-liner code. These codes are available for all postpaid sims within UAE. These are check codes for UAE customers

  • write and send an SMS which has keyword; balance;
  • Send this to 1335
  • Then you will get an SMS from Du in which they will tell you about the remaining balance.

Prepaid sim:

If you are a user of Du prepaid sim then you can easily check the balance and remaining data.

Method 1:

You will write; balance; and SMS to 1335 or you can dial *135#. Then you will get a message and they will inform you about your balance and remaining data. Sometimes they send a message automatically to 70% or 80% and 100% users.


There is another and simple way to check the remaining balance *135#. When you will dial this code you will wait to form the confirmation of the text message. When you will receive this message you will get all information about your credit balance.

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