How Are You Doing

The difference Between”How are you” And “How are you doing”:

“How are you” is the word we use in everyday life. This sentence is very popular to start a chat with someone. This sentence also has its popular variations. You ask “how are you doing” in your emails to strangers and acquaintances and also in face-to-face conversation. But many people do not know the difference between these two phases. Here I will tell you the difference between “how are you” and “how are you doing”.

How Are You Doing


It seems like both sentences have the same meaning but in reality, these two sentences are different.

How are you?

This phase makes a personal inquiry about someone,s health. It is also about inquiry someone,s mood. In this phase, you just focus on personal conditions. This phase is formal than another one.

How are you doing:

Thus phrase focus on general inquiry. You can ask about someone,s environment. A similar phrase to this is”hows your day been so far”. It also means that”you need something” or “how are you faring”.  It is a casual and conventional phrase than “how are you doing”.

More professional:

You always keep in mind when you write an email or text greetings that which phrase will sound professional. You can use both phases for work correspondence. But “how are you” is better than the other phrase.

Alternative to writing both phases in your email:

Here I will tell you to step by step.

  • if you know a person you are emailing. Then start with something more personalized. You can write about your shared experience like a conference. which is a good point to start a mail. Write about more things that are relevant to your topic or conversation.
  • Everyone wants an upbeat and productive day. so think about the person’s works and come up with a clever way to wish that person.
  • If you are following someone on social media account and like his blogs then you do not need to come up with their professional tweets or comments. Just stick to the top and do not make your comment or mail irrelevant.

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