Betadine How To Use

Betadine How To Use:

People use betadine for skin infections and prevent infections from minor cuts, scraps, and burns. Medical professionals use betadine to help prevent infections and promote healing in skin wounds, surgical incisions, or pressure sores. People use betadine for purposes that are not listed in the medication guide. Here I will tell you betadine how to use.

Betadine How To Use


  • If you are allergic do not use betadine.
  • If you are in a medical condition then ask a doctor or pharmacist before using it.
  • In pregnancy ask the doctor to use it.
  • Avoid applying for this medicine if you are breastfeeding. Because it may come in contact with the baby’s mouth.


You can get this drug in many forms.  You can find it in liquid, ointment, aerosol powder, creamy, spray, swab, and soap. Before using this medicine read and carefully follow the instructions provided with it. Always follow the instruction label on the medicine. Certain of the children can not use it.

How to use:

First, clean the area of the skin you want to use. Shake the spray of betadine before use. Apply bandage on the skin when the medicine is completely dry. This medicine is not for deep wounds, puncture wounds, animal bites, or serious burns. Also, this medicine is not for large skin areas.


When there is an infection doctor may give you antibiotics taken by mouth. Use all medicines according to a prescribed length of time. You will take betadine through the mouth 4 times per day. You also use the medicine according to its form. Follow directions on medical labels. When you will use betadine spray then spray in your mouth directly to your throat for 15 seconds. After this spit it out and do not swallow it. If you miss any dose then skip it and use the next dose at a regular time.


Overdose of betadine is that dangerous. When you overdose the seek emergency medical attention quickly. Stomach pain,nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever are the symptoms of overdose.

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